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October 24

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The Bay Urban Visioning Awards aim to become a platform for sharing knowledge, connecting urban visionaries, and showcasing the pioneering projects and initiatives that might point us to a brighter tomorrow. 

Why The Bay Awards

What are The Bay Awards?

The Bay Urban Visioning Awards recognize pioneering solutions to today’s most pressing urban challenges which have the potential to encourage and inspire all those around the world concerned with cities. They will be chosen based on their originality and significance in creating longer-term impacts for their city-regions. Apart from the winners in our 5 categories the top 100 projects will be promoted as part of our repository of great projects. 

A Bilbao Metropoli 30 initiative

BM 30

Bilbao Metropoli 30 is a public-private association founded in 1991, which brings together almost 140 public entities, private companies and social organizations. Our goal is to address jointly the ecological, economic, cultural and social well-being of the Bilbao metropolis in the future, as well as to encourage transformative projects that would help us achieve this mission. 

Bilbao Metropoli 30 was one of the catalysts of the joint public, private and civic efforts that enabled Bilbao to reemerge from a period of deep economic, political and social crisis. Now we are ready for the next challenge. 


The Bay Awards will honor pioneers in five categories:


Horizon Shaper Award


Partners in Progress Award


SDG Champions Award


Prosperity Catalyst Award


The Bay Urban Pioneers Award

Why The Bay Awards?

We need to address the imperative needs of our cities and metropolises in a radical and disruptive way. These challenges are not impossible to address, but we cannot wait any longer. We need an URBAN REVOLUTION. 


The Bay Awards aim to spark and strengthen radical and consensual actions and measures between cities, regions, organizations and people around the world to push for a completely different status quo and build our collective capacity to respond to today’s pressing urban challenges. 

Image Bilbao
Why The Bay Awards

Why in Bilbao?

It is no coincidence that this initiative is taking place in Bilbao. The revitalization process of Metropolitan Bilbao over the past thirty year has been internationally recognized as a successful model of transformation from an industrial region to a modern cultural metropolis. This process proved that an urban revolution is possible, but this journey is not over – neither in Bilbao nor anywhere else around the world. Safeguarding ecological, economic, cultural and social well-being is an ongoing task that requires collective action. 

Jury Members

Christian Bason speakers

Christian Bason

Design, innovation, governance and leadership for sustainable transition 

Gabriella Gómez Mont speakers

Gabriella Gómez-Mont


Shopie Howe speakers

Sophie Howe

Future Generations


Geci Karuri Sebina speakers

Geci Karuri-Sebina

African Centre for Cities

Larry Lye Hock speakers


Co-Founder of New Localism Advisors and Heinz Award in Public Policy in 2006

David Miller speakers

David Miller

C40 Cities

Carlos Moreno speakers

Carlos Moreno

15 minutes city


Farah Naz speakers

Farah Naz

Innovation and ESG for the Middle East and Africa

Larry Lye Hock speakers

Larry NG LH

Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize

Carmen Santana speakers

Carmen Santana

Spanish Urbanism Award 2021


Charles Landry speakers

Charles Landry

Imagination and creativity in urban change

Greg clark curators

Greg clark

Writer, Chair, and advisor on cities


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