FAQ – All you need to know

Event location

The Bay Awards Summit and Gala will take place right in the city center of Bilbao.  

  • Sala BBK 
  • Gran Vía, 19-21 48001 BILBAO, Basque Country


Image BBK Bilbao
La Salve Bilbao Bridge

Getting to Bilbao

There are different ways to arrive to Bilbao:

This link offers information about how to move around the city of Bilbao.

Where to stay

Make sure you book your accommodation early. Bilbao offers a wide range of options – from luxurious five-star hotels to cosy bed and breakfasts.

Hotel bed


Do you have any questions? We have collected frequently asked questions below. You can also contact us via email: info@thebayawards.com

What are The Bay Awards?

The Bay Urban Visioning Awards aim to become a platform for sharing knowledge, connecting urban visionaries, and showcasing the pioneering projects and initiatives that might point us to a brighter tomorrow. 

They recognize pioneering solutions to today’s most pressing urban challenges which have the potential to encourage and inspire all those around the world concerned with cities. Awardees will be chosen based on their originality and significance in creating longer-term impacts for their city-regions. 

Who organizes The Bay Awards?

Bilbao Metropoli 30  is a non-profit public-private association, created in 1991, which reflects on the future of the Bilbao metropolitan area. Its main purpose is to carry out planning, promotion and study actions aimed at revitalizing the area.  

What entities support The Bay Awards?

Bilbao Metropoli 30, together with the collaboration of the following partners: Basque Government, Regional Government of Biscay, Bilbao City Council, BBK Foundation, Bilbao Port Authority and Petronor. 

This initiative also has the support of the following entities: Metro Bilbao, Tech Friendly, Gaia, Naider and Tecnalia, and Sala BBK and Museo Guggenheim as official venues. 


Below you can find answers to some frequently asked questions related to the process of submitting your project to The Bay Awards.

What is the deadline for submitting my project?

You can submit your project from 26th October until 10st June 2024. 

Which categories can I submit my project to?

The Bay Awards will honor pioneers in five categories: 

  • Horizon Shaper Award 
  • Partners in Progress Award 
  • SDG Champions Country Award 
  • Prosperity Catalyst Award 
  • The Bay Urban Pioneers Award 

    How can I submit my project to The Bay Awards? What information do I need?

    Submissions should be made via the official awards website, where you can download an overview document with full information on everything required. 

    Official website: www.thebayawards.com 

    Who is eligible to apply?

    Cities, metropolitan areas and regions are eligible for all five categories.  

    The Bay Urban Pioneers Award is the only award exclusively for cities, metropolitan areas and regions. 

    The other four categories also welcome submissions from institutions, entities, or companies. 

    With “institutions and entities” we are referring to associations, foundations, partnerships, training entities, universities, research centers, public agencies, technology centers, NGOs, etc. 

    How will the winners of The Bay Awards be selected?

    The selection process will involve the following stages: 

    1. Review of applications and eligibility assessment.
    2. Pre-assessment of nominations: All eligible applications will first be assessed by a technical support team of experts according to the criteria established in each category. This assessment round will offer a first ranking of applications, the outcome of which will be passed on to the international jury. 
    3. Selection of finalists by the international jury:
    • The international jury will review the documentation of the pre-assessment round. Based on this input and their own expert evaluation, they will collectively select the top three candidates in each category, as well as an ultimate winner from among them.
    • For all five categories, these three finalists will present their work in Bilbao on stage at the Bay Awards Summit held in October 2024.

    Beyond the quality assessment of applications, the final stage of the evaluation process will also consider geographical diversity, the balance between applications referring to physical transformation of the built environment and other types of transformation, and diversity of contexts (rural/urban, small scale/bigger scale, etc.). 

    1. Announcement of the finalists and ultimate winner: The winner and two other finalists for each category will be told of their success and will participate in the Bay Awards Summit and Gala on 9 October 2024, where a public announcement will be made.

    When will I know if my project is a finalist?

    The three finalists in each category will be informed on 9th July 2024 via the contact details provided in the application form.