“The Bilbao Metropoli 30 initiative is supported by several of its members as well as local and international partners”

Partners Support

Bilbao Metropoli 30’s Urban Revolution initiative is supported by several of its members. Their participation highlights how important their public-private collaboration is, a distinguishing feature of Bilbao Metropoli 30’s work.

Indeed, the internationally recognized revitalization process of Bilbao and its metropolis from an industrial region to a modern cultural metropolis was based on collaboration.

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SDG Champions Award – Basque Government

Bilbao is hosting the headquarters of the United Nations’ Local 2030 Coalition. This shows the commitment and determination of the Basque Government to promote the 2030 Agenda to locally implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Prosperity Catalyst Award – Regional Government of Biscay

Bizkaia is an economically competitive industrial region with strong businesses in advanced manufacturing and services, mobility, and energy that provide quality jobs, territorial balance, and social cohesion. Its Regional Government of Biscay (Bizkaia) is committed to developing competitiveness policies for the well-being of the whole of Bizkaia, without leaving any one behind. Its aim is to generate inclusive, sustainable prosperity and quality jobs.

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The Bay Urban Pioneers Award – Bilbao City Council

All through the revitalization process over the last 40 years Bilbao City Council has been an engaged and active partner and promoter of the collaborative approach.

As a result of this transformation, Bilbao has become an attractive city, distinctive, not only because of its physical transformation, but also for its focus to people and their values. 

Horizon Shaper Award – BBK Foundation

The BBK Foundation is a banking foundation that works for and on behalf of Bizkaia, promoting social work projects, including pioneering social innovation initiatives aimed at the future of the Bizkaia region.

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Partners in Progress Award – Bilbao Port Authority and Petronor

Both entities want to advance the energy transition and wish to collaborate in this category as they share a future project for the metropolis of Bilbao – the hydrogen corridor, which is an example of the public-private-social collaboration schemes of this category.

Local Support

All eligible applications for The Bay Awards will first be assessed by a technical support team of experts according to the criteria established in each category. This assessment round will offer a first ranking of applications, the outcome of which will be passed on to the international jury.
The companies and entities that are part of the technical support team have extensive experience in developing urban planning projects, as well as supporting the mission of Bilbao Metropoli 30, as members.

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The Bay Awards also has the support of other local companies and entities aligned with the main objective of the initiative that collaborate by offering their venues and promoting the event.

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International Support

The Bay Awards present an opportunity to surface and magnify many urban innovations to accelerate and embed them in multiple cities worldwide. The Awards are part of the Urban Revolution Aurrera community of practitioners, activists, thinkers, authorities, professionals, entities and networks from across the world united in a shared quest to change city making in a pioneering and disruptive way.