Urban Revolution Aurrera!
Proposed Manifesto

March 14th 2024 


The presentation of the Urban Revolution Aurrera! proposed Manifesto took place in the framework of the international conference “Inspiring a revolution in urban innovation”, hold on 14 March 2024 in Bilbao and also live streamed. The event was the launch of an international movement capable of inspiring a disruptive change in the way of “making cities” at a global level. 

This conference aimed to present the main lines of the Urban Revolution Aurrera! proposed Manifesto and offered a series of round tables in which the 4 sections of the manifesto (Ecology, Economy, Society and Strategy) were addressed together with representatives of the international networks, international experts and local associates entities to Bilbao Metropoli 30. 

Download Proposed Manifesto

/ Local participants associated to Bilbao Metropoli 30: Bilbao City Council, Provincial Council of Bizkaia, SPRI, Iberdrola, BBVA, Euskaltel and Idom. 

/ International networks: Eurocities, METREX, European Metropolitan Authorities (EMA), United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), Centre for Liveable Cities of Singapore (CLC Singapore), WRLDCTY, Global Parliament of Mayors, Urban Future and Impact the Future, among others. 

/ International experts: Charles Landry (expert in the use of creativity in urban change) and Greg Clark (Urbanist). 

    Download the programme of the event

    Summary of the event

    At the event there were also shown testimonies of international networks whose representatives wanted to be part of the conference, CLC Singapore, Eurocities, WRLDCTY, UCLG and Urban Future. 

    During the event, it was announced the collaboration between Bilbao Metropoli 30 and WRLDCTY to jointly organise the events The Bay Awards Summit and Global Forum for Urban Innovation on 9 and 10 October 2024 in Euskalduna Jauregia (Bilbao), in a face-to-face format and will be broadcast online worldwide. To consolidate this collaboration, the Founder of WRLDCTY, Chris Fair, was present at the event. 

    For the closing, Greg Clark, offered a summary of the event and the way forward to keep on going in this project. You can download the summary here.



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