Urban Revolution Aurrera!
Manifesto Presentation

The presentation of the Urban Revolution Aurrera! Manifesto will take place in the framework of an international conference to be held on 14 March 2024 in Bilbao and live streamed.

The event will begin with the presentation of the Urban Revolution Manifesto and will be followed by a series of round tables in which the four sections of the manifesto will be addressed, which are: Ecology, Economy, Society and Strategy, with international and local representatives.

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Why the Urban Revolution Aurrera! Manifesto?

This Urban Revolution Aurrera! Manifesto proposes a shared vision and principles for strategic thinking on cities and metropolises, around which to generate an international movement, a dynamic community of people who share the common goal to address urban challenges in a disruptive and innovative way.

Aurerra! is a Basque word meaning ‘forward’: to drive forwards and create unstoppable momentum.

Our time demands no less.

Supporting Global Urban Initiatives

This Manifesto builds upon the foundations articulated by international associations of cities, global events, multi-lateral bodies and initiatives, philanthropic foundations across the world. Our aim is to support these major initiatives by throwing a spotlight on urban innovation and the ability of our cities to be agile and promote change.

The first step: the Urban Revolution Aurrera! International Congress

The URBAN REVOLUTION Aurrera! international congress offered the opportunity to stop, step back, and listen in depth to contributions from people with views on the future of cities and metropolises that are elevated above the vortex of the short term.

Ten leading international experts on cities and urban development from all over the world, who are also members of the international jury of The Bay Awards, shared their ambitious, disruptive visions for the future of cities. Together with a diverse audience of local and international actors, they explored these visions and the kind of collective action that would be required to transform our cities.

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No time to waste. Let’s start this Urban Revolution now.

Urban Revolution and The Bay Awards: a movement and a community

This Urban Revolution seeks to build a community of practitioners, activists, thinkers, authorities, interested professionals and allies from across the world united in a shared quest for urban innovation. We hope this can become a powerful and influential movement for change, which inspires cities to do things differently.

Together with this community, The Bay Urban Visioning Awards is a platform promoted by Bilbao Metropoli 30, to raise awareness of the urgency for change; to encourage new solutions and their sharing from one city to another, and to showcase and reward, every two years, those disruptive and pioneering good urban practices and projects that can form part of the shared learning process.

An Inspiring Context: Metropolitan Bilbao

It is no coincidence that this initiative is taking place in Bilbao. The revitalization process of Metropolitan Bilbao has been internationally recognized as a successful model of transformation from an industrial region to a modern cultural metropolis.

The revitalization process proved that an urban revolution is possible. It proved that public-private collaboration and shared, bold and disruptive decisions can produce far-reaching changes capable of addressing challenges of great magnitude.

Deep Change is Possible Everywhere

Addressing this urban revolution implies critical optimism. It implies opportunity and proactivity. This is why Bilbao Metropoli 30 promotes this Urban Revolution based on a new social contract for our cities, based on disruptive ideas and projects that are not limited to improving the existing. Cities and metropolis are ecosystems, capable of innovating and, as the revitalisation process of Bilbao and its metropolis have shown, capable of building themselves from their uniqueness, distinctiveness, self-reliance, resilience and self-consciousness.

Manifesto for Urban Innovation in Cities – contents

This manifesto is structured in three sections that cover the economic, ecological, and social dimensions that must drive the urban innovation we embrace. These three sections therefore constitute the WHAT of this urban revolution. The fourth section contains proposals on the strategy which HOW.

From Bilbao, Biscay, Basque Country this is our modest contribution to this shared endeavour.