The Bay Awards premiere


25 – 26
October 2023


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URBAN REVOLUTION Aurrera! International Congress

The Urban Revolution Aurrera! international congress offered the opportunity to stop, step back, and listen in depth to contributions from people with views on the future of cities and metropolises that are elevated above the vortex of the short term.

Ten leading international experts on cities and urban development from all over the world, who are also members of the international jury of The Bay Awards, shared their ambitious, disruptive visions for the future of cities. Together with a diverse audience of local and international actors, they explored these visions and the kind of collective action that would be required to transform our cities.

Something special is happening here, and it’s an honor to be a part of it. Power to the people


Geci Karuri-Sebina

This congress is just the beginning! Aurrera!


David Miller

Congratulations on such a high level event. Happy proximity


Carlos Moreno

"This congress has been amazingly well-organised and I am glad to have contributed to the success of the launch of this project"


Larry Ng LH

Wishing to create a sustainable blue print for all cities in the world to learn.


Farah Naz

An essential project for in-depth conversations about the future of our cities with a long-term horizon


Charles Landry

URA has brought together brilliant crosscutting perspectives.


Carmen Santana

This congress and The Bay Awards provide an opportunity to share in a brilliant action


Sophie Howe

An opportunity to address common challenges involving all the stakeholders


Christian Bason

Our urban futures are to be created. This is why this project reclaims experimenting cities: where political imagination meets social creativity.


Gabriella Gómez-Mont

Why The Bay Awards

Programme (October 25 & 26)

The programme interspersed short 20-minute presentations analyzing key urban challenges from different perspectives with paired dialogues to debate dilemmas that affect the future of our cities and metropolises. Participants also had the chance to attend accelerator workshops to dive deeper into selected urban challenge areas, with optional guided field visits to close the conference. 

The topics of The Bay Awards premiere 2023 boosted an URBAN REVOLUTION, offering lectures about embedding irreversible transformations that drive systems change; developing trust and conviviality between people; regenerative approaches to the economy and social life; original and disruptive approaches to city development; creative alliances and partnerships that harness the collective imagination of places; inspirational projects or organizations instigated by inspiring younger talents. 

The Bay Awards premiere 2023 took place in the city centre of Bilbao. The conference venue was Sala BBK (Gran Via, 19-21, 48001 Bilbao, Basque Country). The networking lunch and afternoon workshops took place in the BAT B Accelerator Tower (Gran Vía, 1, 48001 Bilbao).

Image Bilbao
Why The Bay Awards

An inspiring event for those who share an ambitious and disruptive vision of the future of cities around the globe. In 2023 more than 300 urban planners and people with experience in the strategic management of cities from all over the world attended the event in Bilbao.

Urban Revolution Aurrera! is a must-attend congress that offers the opportunity to listen in one single venue to some of the most prestigious international thinkers and experts who are the benchmark in urban future thinking.

A networking event for urban revolutionaries

Who is there? Urban planners, leaders and activists of different disciplines related to the future of urban spaces that share the conviction that we need to address the imperative needs of our cities and metropolises in a disruptive and radical way, as well as the spirit that an urban transformation is possible and that the only way to make it possible is together. Aurrera! (in Basque language, go ahead).

Image Bilbao
Why The Bay Awards

Workshops. Time to participate.

The Urban Revolution Aurrera conference also offers spaces for participation in which experiences on different aspects of the future of cities are shared and the creation of synergies and alliances to advance them is encouraged.



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  • Estrategia – Bilbao Metropoli 30 inicia la singladura hacia los Premios “The Bay Awards” con la celebración del Congreso Internacional “Urban Revolution Aurrera!”.
  • Cadena Ser – Arranca desde Metropoli 30 la celebración del congreso internacional “Urban Revolution Aurrera!”.
  • Deia – Arranca el congreso ‘Urban Revolution Aurrera’ en el que Bilbao Metropoli 30 reunirá cerca de 300 expertos en urbanismo.
  • Deia – Gabriella Gómez-Mont: “Bilbao nos recuerda al mundo que tenemos que pensar en el futuro”.
  • El Correo – Bilbao Metropoli 30 premiará los proyectos que apuesten por entornos urbanos sostenibles.
  • Deia – Congreso “Urban Revolution Aurrera” en Bilbao.
  • El Correo – Necesitamos una revolución urbana.
  • Cadena Ser – Bilbao entregará desde este año los premios mundiales de urbanismo “The Bay Awards”.
  • Deia – Nuestro modelo de revitalización: una verdadera revolución urbana.
  • Deia – Bilbao Metropoli 30 premiará las mejores ideas transformadoras de las ciudades del mundo.
  • EITB – Interview to Carlos Moreno in Basque TV.
  • Deia – “El cambio de Bilbao en 1990 nos debe indicar el futuro”.
  • Ekonomiaren KZ – The Bay Awards sariak BM30ean.
  • Bilbao Hiria – The Bay Awards: The urban revolution from Bilbao.
  • El Correo – Interview to David Miller.
  • EITB – Interview to Carmen Santana. 
  • Smartcity – The Bay Urban Visioning Awards reconocerán mejores prácticas de desarrollo urbano transformadoras.
  • Estrategia – Interview to David Miller.